Email Marketing

Harness the power of our consumer data & reach over 10% of UK motorists

For every £1 spent on B2C email marketing, the average return is £38.*

User Intelligence

We track 1000s of on-site interactions every day giving us deep insight into habits and enriching our relationship.  


Using data and insight, we can tailor messages and target users wherever they are - on mobile, desktop and tablet.


Our unique algorithm gathers rich data through our tools and content, enabling us to predict when a user is in-market.

We currently work with 8 of the top 15 brands.
We can help you reach the right audience.

Define, target and engage your customers more precisely than ever before. 

5.7 million

Email addresses.

3.9 million

Mobile phone numbers.

10.3 million

Landline phone numbers.

15.1 million

Postal codes.

Improve performance and accelerate sales with our comprehensive targeting.

3.4 million

Insights into lifestyles & behaviours.

5.1 million

In-depth Acorn classifications.

1.1 million

Service & MOT due dates 


 Actively in-market for a car.

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Take a look at some of our case studies based on recent successful email campaigns.

New car offer

Check out how we worked with smart to successfully promote the latest offers to in-market competitor owners.

Test drive promotion

Find out how we supported Infiniti's Q30 'Private Drive' promotion with a highly targeted email campaign, generating significant ROI.


Learn how we helped raise the profile of Ford Motorcraft 4+ and promoted servicing and MOT offers to owners.

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*Source: DMA